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Incontinence - Unwanted, inconvenient and just not very sexy!

Dr Sonya Jessup talks with Studio 10 about common fertility and conception myths

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding fertility and conception. In this Studio 10 interview, Dr Sonya Jessup separates the fact from fiction in terms of fertility and falling pregnant.

Dr Sonya Jessup on Channel 9

Dr Jessup appears on Channel 9 talking about undertaking IVF successfully in her early 40s.

Sydney IVF specialist Dr Sonya Jessup on Today Extra

Dr Sonya Jessup was interviewed on Today Extra about the IVF industry. Sonya comments on her unique position as practitioner and parent of a baby via IVF.

Dr Sonya Jessup explains the IVF process 

Dr Sonya Jessup delves deeper into the IVF process. She explains what’s really involved, how the embryo develops, reason’s why it may take time to achieve a successful pregnancy and what you can do to improve your chances and remain positive during IVF treatment.

'Before The Bump' Podcast

Dr Sonya Jessup chats to Mamamia in the 'Before The Bump' podcast. The podcast covers everything you need to know about getting pregnant and options if it's just not happening. 

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Dr Sonya Jessup debunks 12 common myths about fertility and falling pregnant

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding fertility and conception. Dr Sonya Jessup addresses 12 common myths about conception. 

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Dr Sonya Jessup talks about how she came to set up The Elsa Clinic

Dr Sonya Jessup speaks on how she came to set up The Elsa Clinic because she wanted to help women with incontinence build up their pelvic floors in a safe and easy way.

Dr Sonya Jessup addresses concerns about breastfeeding when sick

If you are feeling unwell, is it safe to continue breastfeeding? Dr Sonya Jessup explains how you can rest, recover and continue to breastfeed safely. 

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Dr Sonya Jessup comments on sperm donor's sex health tests

A sperm donor from the US known as 'Joe Donor' claims to have fathered at least 100 children, with only conducting sexual health checks once a year. In this article Dr Jessup warns of the huge risks that Joe Donor presents to those he donates to. 

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