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What is IVF?


IVF is a reproductive technology in which an egg is removed from a woman, joined with a sperm cell from a man in a test tube. The cells fuse to form a single cell, which then starts dividing, becoming an embryo. When the embryo is only a few cells large, it is implanted in the woman's uterus, and, if all the necessary parts are present, will develop into an embryo, a foetus and then a baby.


Dr Sonya Jessup has been privileged to help hundreds of couples and single women become families. It is one of her greatest joys of her work and she especially loves getting to meet all the wonderful babies she has helped create. 

She has strong background in diagnostics and has a thorough and tailored approach to each individual, their circumstances and their presenting conditions. This approach helps her achieve optimal pregnancy success rates and she is often referred patients that have been unsuccessful in falling pregnant elsewhere. 

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