Incontinence Treatments

What are the best incontinence treatments?


Over the last decade I have been treating women of all ages for many different reasons, but one thing most women who have had children have in common, is some degree of incontinence and vaginal laxity. Often urinary function is not the reason they have come to see a gynaecologist. On questioning however, losing urine with coughing or laughing, being unable to exercise the way they want due to fear of incontinence, waking multiple times at night to pass urine and having frustrating symptoms of urgency are all extremely common symptoms.


Women have often tried pelvic floor exercises and have had some improvement but generally they accept that their symptoms are just part of having had children. Many women also either complain of an “openness” to the vagina and of decreased sensation during sex for both them and their partners. I recently flew to London to attend a surgical workshop which focused on surgical aesthetics and prolapse surgery. At this event, I also I had the opportunity to see in action the new radio-frequency device “Viveve” designed to treat vaginal laxity and incontinence. Excitingly I also had the opportunity to see another new device “The Emsella Chair”. I am committed to surgery free options where possible and have invested to purchase both Viveve and The Emsella Chair. As the only gynaecologist in all of Australia with these two revolutionary devices I am starting to see the massive effect this technology is having on women’s health and the way this technology can change the way we treat incontinence.


The Emsella Chair - Surgery Free Incontinence Treatment


The Emsella chair is a breakthrough new treatment for incontinence. Electromagnetic energy is aimed at the pelvic floor to cause supra maximal pelvic floor muscle contractions. This action is similar to doing Kegal exercises (pelvic floor exercises) but with far more intensity, less effort and involve just sitting on the Emsella chair fully clothed! Six 30 minute treatments are performed over 3 weeks. Watch the video below to find out more.















Viveve is a cryogen-cooled monopoly radio-frequency device that delivers heat deep into the vaginal tissues whilst protecting the delicate surface of the vagina. This deep heat acts by stimulating new collagen production. A Viveve treatment is a one off procedure, performed in the rooms which will take around one hour. It produces a significant decrease in symptoms of incontinence and improves vaginal laxity.


Incontinence Surgery 

Sometimes medication or surgery may be required to treat incontinence. If such a treatment is required, it is important that women have Urodynamic Testing to assess the type and degree of continence. Dr Jessup and can arrange this and perform surgical procedures required relating to incontinence. 

Treatment for incontinence and vaginal laxity is now delivered by Dr Sonya Jessup's new clinic dedicated to advanced techniques in functional and aesthetic gynaecology, The Elsa Clinic.

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