Dr Sonya Jessup's Gynaecological Services

As a female doctor with daughters herself, Dr Jessup is well aware of the importance for many women to see a female gynaecologist.

Dr Jessup has worked as a Specialist Gynaecologist for over ten years after completing her FRANZCOG based at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne. She has subsequently spent time continuing training in the field of Reproductive medicine and refining her skills in both open and advanced laparoscopic surgery. A member of AGES (Australian Gynaecological Endoscopy and Surgery Society), Dr Jessup is continually updating her surgical knowledge and practical skills as part of ongoing education.

Dr Jessup manages a range of gynaecology patients including young women with delayed periods, menstrual disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis. Her practice includes women with abnormal PAP smears who require colposcopy, women with large ovarian cysts, women with fibroids and women with incontinence concerns and postmenopausal bleeding. Dr Jessup sees women with recurrent miscarriage or recurrent failed IVF cycles.

Dr Jessup offers the following gynaecological procedures as well as many less common procedures and/or smaller procedures not specifically mentioned.

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