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Future Fertility

What is Future Fertility?

Dr Jessup sees many young women who present for gynaecological assessments or to explore their fertility capacity and options for the future. Women are more aware these days of their need to keep their fertility options open for both their current relationships and for any potential future relationships.


Informed young women want to know their ovarian reserve and want to be given the option of freezing eggs for their future use if required. Women with endometriosis want to know how to minimise the effects of their condition to best allow them to conceive naturally when the time comes.


Assisting young women to manage their contraceptive and fertility requirements is unbelievably important in enabling young women to embrace both their sexuality and their fertility to allow them to survive, progress and succeed in their endeavours.

Women and couples these days are informed about the best choices for them in terms of the health of their potential children and ease of their conception. Many women and couples come to see me leading up to the most important decisions of their lives to help them conceive with minimal stress and in a manner that maximises the health and wellbeing of their subsequent children. The epigenetic benefits of such a sensible approach are well documented and assist in both the wellbeing of the resulting child and the harmony of the parental relationship.

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