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Diagnosing Infertility

How does infertility​ get diagnosed?

We all expect that we can have children when we desire, but this is not always the case. When couples do not conceive as quickly as they would have hoped, it is very important for them to see a Fertility Specialist to ascertain if there is a problem or not.


80% of normally fertile couples conceive naturally within 12 months, and 90% within 18 months. If you are in your 20’s or early 30’s you have the luxury of being able to try naturally for this length of time before seeking medical assistance. If you are already in your late 30's or 40’s however, time is of the essence, and even after 3-6 months of not conceiving, you should be seeing a specialist.


The role of the infertility diagnostic service is rule out any obvious and relatively absolute barriers to natural conception and to maximise pre-pregnancy health. If any problems are identified, Dr Jessup will help you plan how to proceed taking into account the severity of the factors and your age. There is often no right or wrong in fertility medicine, just “which way” and “how long.”


A fertility workup is the process that Dr Jessup uses to identify the reason a couple is having difficulty conceiving. It involves thorough assessment and testing of both the male and female to identify any underlying issues that may be causing conception difficulties.


Dr Jessup's workup process aims to maximise a couple's chances of conceiving naturally, quickly and of having a healthy child. Simple advice is sometimes all that is required for a successful outcome for all involved with a more thorough process involved for more complex cases.


A fertility workup is critical in determining the course of action and treatments options applicable in each specific circumstance.

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